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Feed them coffee, they will grow.

Some people are born with green fingers. I am not one of those people. I appreciate people that are skilled with plants. I appreciate lying on lush grass looking up through a green leafy canvas. I appreciate the time and effort it takes to grow vegetables and delightful herbs and lovely smile-inducing, oxygen-producing flowers. I appreciate the skill of reaping the benefits of a coffee plant.

Despite all this appreciation, I myself, am hopeless at all things garden. This, I believe, stems back to my earliest memories of trying and failing to grow a shoot from a bean in cottonwool; a rite of passage for little scholars everywhere. Having been given two beautiful pot plants for my home, I have to date managed to keep zero of them alive. This is mildly worrying. Especially considering that theory (I think it’s connected to AA?!) that you first have to be able to look after a plant, then a pet and then you’re ready for a relationship. Doh! My only redeeming factor is that I’m not in AA, my addiction is coffee.

Recently we worked at COP17 at the Climate Change Response Expo and one of our neighbours was Wizzard Worms. Turns out, those little worms love coffee almost as much as us here at the Roastery. Coffee is excellent for your garden! The caffeine and the aroma makes it a natural insecticide and the used grounds are mineral rich (Coffee grounds are approximately 1.45% nitrogen. This is apparently a very good thing for gardens everywhere! They also contain magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other trace minerals) .

The COP17 Bean Green team!

So, feed your gardens and your worms coffee, they will grow and make compost with a vengeance! In the spirit of new beginnings and the need to make some effort at changing the way we live in this beautiful world, we want to help those green fingered among us to succeed by offering our coffee pucks to all those who ask. Bring your own container, or grab an ice-cream tub (re-use!) from us. Also you can use the coffee grinds left over after you’ve had a delicious french press or moka pot at home. Do it! Do it for the worms! Do it for the veggies and the flowers and the smiles! OK, the hippie in me has spoken.

I too, am going to try grow some things in the Roastery backyard with the help of our Bluff Bru! coffee. For the environment, not because I’m in the AA program.  Just so we’re clear.

LP of the moment: Hold Time – M.Ward. “When you’re absolute beginners, it’s a panoramic view”. Thank you to Matthew Knight for lending this magic to us.


Yours in coffee and vinyl