The Bean Green Coffee Company, best coffee in South Africa

Nate Maingard at The Bean Green

Last week, we were lucky enough to have a musician in residence at the Bean Green. He is a delightful, wandering pirate minstrel and a dear friend of mine. Having him here reminded me that this little Roastery of ours is a worthwhile space for beautiful, intimate, musical and cultural events and should be utilised more often. Thank you to Mr Nate for sharing his sublime talent with us. Check out his new album on  In fact go directly from here to make yourself a cup of delicious Bean Green coffee, put on some of Nate’s tunes and you’re sorted; instant happy.


I look forward to all the magical things that can happen here in our living room. The fumes of creativity (ie fresh roasted coffee) can only lead to good things I reckon. We’ve already got a little something in the pipeline. Watch this space.


Thanks to John McCarthy and Derryn Semple for the pics. I need to get me one of those fancy smart phones asap.


Yours in coffee and vinyl